Enrolment Requirements

  • Must be over 18 years.  Speak, read and write at competent English level.


  • Have available to bring to class THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:


A. Passport Photos 2, each with Name and D.O.B gently printed on rear

B. Primary Identification Documents one of the following:


      • Driver’s Licence
      • Passport (current or expired no more than 2 years)
      • WA proof of age card
      • Other Australian Government issued ID card with photo



C. Secondary Identification Documents one of the following:



      Activities book for both LF and LO needs to be downloaded and printed. It then needs to be completed in your own time and MUST BE brought to class (in addition to the 3 Day High Risk Work Log Book if required). Downloading and printing of anything else is optional as the material is clearly viewable without the need to waste printing.

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        • Medicare Card
        • A current credit card or ATM card
        • A telephone, gas, electricity account not more than 12 months old 
        • A water or local rate notice not more than 2 years old
        • A State or Federal Government employee photo ID card

Contact Details


Staltari OHS Training & Assessment

Registered WorkSafe Assessor 1172LFLO

OHS Officer


M: 0401 346 254

E: info@staltariohs.com.au

W: www.staltariohs.com.au


ABN: 82 299 893 152