Elevated Work Platform Licence Class WP Course

If you hold a Yellow Card for Elevating Work Platforms (Scissor Lift) you are ‘not covered’ to operate this type of mobile plant, popularly referred to as a cherry picker.  Regulations require the operator to possess a WP High Risk Work Licence for any telescoping boom greater than 11 metres in potential extension.


Note:  Likewise a WP licence holder is ‘not’ in any way covered to operate a Scissor Lift using their WP licence as the only evidence of training.  A Yellow Card would be required in this instance (VOC) to operate a scissor lift or EWP less than 11 metres in extension.  In Western Australia the ‘height’ factor of a scissor lift does not include it as a HRWL.



In-experienced & Experienced operators (2 Day Course only)
POA + $85.00 government licence fee (conditions apply)




2 Day Course Overview – Day 1



Presentation of Learning Materials for Statement of Attainment, including theoretical and practical training activities for new operators, incorporating all five learning elements:


1. Plan work
2. Conduct Routine Checks
3. Set up elevating work platform
4. Operate elevating work platform
5. Shutdown & Secure elevating work platform


Assessment for Statement of Attainment. 





2 Day Course Overview – Day 2


Presentation of WorkSafe Learning material for High Risk Work Licence.    
Assessment for WorkSafe High Risk Work Licence


(a) Knowledge Assessment
(b) Calculations Assessment
(c) [Practical] Performance Assessment.





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