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High Risk Work Licence

Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck TLILIC2001A



The mechanical backbone of most warehouse-based heavy lifting operations.


There are three easy options helping you to complete your Forklift training course, resulting in both a Statement of Attainment and High Risk Work Licence.


Licence to Operate an Order Picking Forklift Truck TLILIC2002 


Another mechanical backbone of heavy lifting operations and seen mainly in large retailer - warehousing and logistics operations, the humble Order Picker, or high rise picker, is usually a two – man operation, with each vehicle occupant requiring Working at Heights training.  (You may also receive a licence using Turret Truck).


There are three easy options helping you to successfully complete your Order Picker training course, resulting in both a Statement of Attainment and High Risk Work Licence.


High Risk Work Licence continued



Licence to Operate a Boom-Type Elevating Work Platform (boom length 11 metres or more) TLILIC2005A



If you hold a Yellow Card for Elevating Work Platforms (Scissor Lift) you are ‘not covered’ to operate this type of mobile plant, popularly referred to as a cherry picker.  Regulations require the operator to possess a WP High Risk Work Licence for any telescoping boom greater than 11 metres in potential extension.



Verification of Competence


Whilst these items of mobile plant do not require possession of a High Risk Work Licence the OHS Act [1984] WA (section 19(1)(b)) requires evidence that suitable information, training and instruction has taken place.



Do all business operations and companies follow this general law?  Unfortunately, ‘not always’.  This has the effect of breaches occurring potentially within the OHS Act.  Made worse if the operator is injured or receives a fatal injury on the job.

Reach Stacker (Container Handler)



Top Lifters, Side Lifters, Reach Stackers, some with vertical masts and some with telescoping boom.  These are unique and beautiful creatures designed with one thing in mind:  To lift and place heavy sea containers in a logistical format for ease of storage and retrieval operations.  All of these machines, regardless of make, model or geographical position are ‘not’ forklift trucks.


Current local authority enforcement requires documentary evidence in the spirit of the OHS Act (1984) [WA].


Such evidence is usually referred to as [detailed and recorded] ‘’duty of care’’ training or in the form of a properly constructed VOC.





Big Fork with Blades



Some of us may recall the days when the old Australian Standards 2359.2 fork - ticket instructed we could only operate a forklift up to a certain capacity i.e. 5 tonne or 10 tonne.  And there was a simple and obvious rationale behind this collective mindset.  



Electric Walkie Stacker



When I grow up I want to be a forklift! 


Unfortunately the common Walkie Stacker, used largely by Australian retailers such as Kmart, Coles, Big W and in numerous warehousing operations, is missing a vital organ before it can be classified as a forklift truck [requiring a licence to operate]. 




Electric Reach Truck



Am I a forklift? 


In this case the answer is always ‘yes’.  Then why do I require additional evidence to operate this type of specified machinery? 



Electric End Rider



Like the Walkie Stacker, an End Rider cannot be classified as a forklift as it lacks a vital organ, the mast assembly.


These special machines are always in use at major dairy production facilities and breweries.  They require specific training and assessment once again in accordance with the Act.



Refresher courses

Annual Re-test for Insurance



Driver Protection and Employer Mitigation Evidence via common refresher course regardless of which licence is held.  Your worker has obtained a High Risk Work Licence in the past or a relevant Verification of Competence or Duty of Care training certificate; however were their on-going training needs readdressed at the annual safety meeting of the board?



OHS Records Inspection

Double check accuracy of required certification (documentary evidence) for specific plant operation


Will work collaboratively with your OHS Advisor / Manager over a short - term project period.



Currently not online TBA

OHS Management Review

Management OHS / WHS / OH&E Awareness Certificate of Attendance


Will work collaboratively with your local divisional management team as we facilitate vital knowledge regarding personal and company responsibilities.  Core aspects will be recognition of the Hierarchy of Hazards tree in any situation and the most relevant key published areas of your obligations as published in the OHS Regulations, the OHS Act, the Australian Standards and the Code of Practice pertaining to your industry.


Currently not online TBA

Reserved for Principal Officers only of the WA Health & Safety Inspectorate


Specialising in interpretation of local laws and Australian Standards relevant to safe mobile plant operations for all Forklifts and Order Pickers including Turret Trucks.



Staltari OHS Training & Assessment also delivers specialised information regarding all operational aspects of Reach Stackers and specified plant.


Currently not online TBA

White Card - Construction Industry - CPCCOHS1001A


The white card is a general safety course and compulsory for any person who is planning or working in a construction site in Australia.


Gold Card - Telehandler RIIHAN309D


The gold card covers this well-known and ubiquitous chameleon. The course covers safety and operation and is essential for anyone using this type of specified plant.


Yellow Card – Scissor Lift and Boom Lift (under 11m) RIIHAN301D


The EWPA Operator Ticket (Yellow Card) is a registered ticket issued to operators who have been successfully trained by EWPA Accredited Trainers in the safe use and operation of various types of EWP that doesn’t require a WorkSafe Licence.


Skid Steer Operations RIIMPO318D (Assessment Only)


This unit covers conducting skid steer loader operations in the civil construction industry. It includes: planning and preparing; conducting machine pre-operational checks; operating skid steer loaders; lifting, carrying and placing materials; selecting, removing and fitting attachments; relocating the skid steer loaders; carrying out machine operator maintenance; and cleaning up.


Wheel Loader Operations RIIMPO304D


This unit covers the conducting of wheel loader operations in mining and extractive industries. It includes planning and preparing for operations, operating the loader, and carrying out post-operational procedures.


Working at Heights RIIWHS204D


The applicant will have completed off the job training during which the following key theoretical competencies were taught in relation to the Safe Working at Heights. The aim of this training is to assist in providing a safe system of work where there is the risk of falling from height.


Fire Fighting Course CPPFES2005A


This course is designed to enable the service technician to demonstrate to customers how various portable fire protection products are used in emergency situations.
All work in this area must be completed in accordance with relevant legislative, industry, customer and organisational requirements, including Occupational Health & Safety/Work Health & Safety (OHS/WHS) policies and procedures.


Confined Space Entry MSAPMPER205C (Petro Chemical)


The aim of this training is to assist in providing a safe system of work where there is the risk of entering Confined Space.


Enter and Work in Confined Spaces RIIWHS202D (Mining)


Applicants will have completed off the job training during which the following key theoretical competencies were taught in relation to the Safe Entry and working in Confined Space: The aim of this training is to assist in providing a safe system of work where there is the risk of entering Confined Space.



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